Your privacy

We don’t take a copy of your files or store them on our servers. But to perform detective work our software will need to access the files you select, which you can end at any time just by closing the page.

This free service comes with absolutely no warranty. While we don’t expect it to have the abillity to damage any data, use is at your own risk. We strive for accuracy in the information given, but this should not be relied on for anything critical.

Do you make a copy of my file?

No, at no point do take a copy of your file and store it.

Is it really free?

Yes, there’s no charge, neither now or later.

Why are you doing this, what’s in it for you?

By using this website you’re helping us test our new technology connected with files and data storage.

What data do you collect

No personally identifiable data. We retain usage data responsibly: your IP address; the results of the detection; and analytics information such as time taken and amount of data transferred.